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Wild Woman Sojourn

Wild Woman Sojourn

Slovenia, 11 - 12 November 2023.

There comes a time in each women’s life, when a potent energy, brimming with essential instincts, creative passions, and timeless knowing rises to the surface. This is the Wild Woman archetype inviting you into an initiation of reclamation.

Reclaiming your voice, your medicine, your emotional body, your mystical knowledge of the interconnection of life. 

Returning home to sovereignty.

The invitation of the Wild Woman

What is an archetype?

In Jungian psychology, an archetype is an inherited pattern of thought or symbolic imagery derived from past collective experience and present in the individual unconscious. 

Simply said, an archetype is the role or character we choose to play out in our lives. It is the reflection of how we define ourselves in our life’s story. 

How does this affect your daily life and relationships? 

If we want to live our most authentic lives, with the full freedom to express who we truly are, we can choose to consciously work with our inner archetypes. We have the power of to choice. 

Will we choose the healer, the heroine, the victim, the magician, the martyr or the seductress? 

When we consciously work with the archetypes within us, as a tool for personal and spiritual development, we choose to write our own stories, instead of living on the outside of our life's story. 

By connecting with our inner world, we can unlock a deeper level of understanding, not only of who we are, but also where we are going

What is the Wild Woman Archetype? 

The Wild Woman is a powerful archetype within the feminine psyche. She represents the untamed, instinctual, and creative part of ourselves.

Wild meaning natural state, connected to ones instincts and deepest soul.

Your state of being before you were taught to apologize for who you are.  

The Wild Woman is the healer. She is the medicine woman, the untamed, the mystic, the embodied soul.

She is free, she is powerful and she is connected to the secrets and mysteries of life, and knows the magic of connection with the natural world.

She trusts the intuitive knowledge she taps into, without being influenced by what others think or judge or prescribe.

The energy of this wild feminine archetype gifts us our intuition, instinct, inner knowing, and our power to heal.


She is the perfect guide when challenges arise in your life, and you need to access wisdom, courage and power. She guides you through the cross-roads of any transition, such as mid-life, getting back on your feet after loss or failure, starting a new phase in your life, and navigating uncertainty.


She is connected to the natural world. Intimately. Deeply. Instinctively. In an embodied sense the Wild Woman archetype encourages us to rediscover our interconnection, wonder, magnetism and wisdom in relation to Mother Earth.


She teaches us to fine-tune our intuition. She leads us to unearth our own gifts of intuition, rising from the ashes of it being buried. Clearing away the misperceptions about what intuition really is. She teaches how to develop discernment, so we can separate illusion from divine truth. 

“Within every woman there lives a powerful force,

filled with good instincts, passionate creativity, and ageless knowing.

She is the Wild Woman,

who represents the instinctual nature of women.“

- Clarissa Pinkola Estes,

Jungian Psychoanalyst, Wisdom Keeper, Author "Women who run with the Wolves"

This two day sojourn experience is an invitation into re-discovering, embodying, and reclaiming all parts of yourself - mind, heart, body and spirit. 

We will activate the four aspects of the Wild Woman within:

1.) The Nurturer

If we can’t nourish ourselves, be kind and gentle with ourselves and keep our cups full, we become tired, and we can’t express our true authentic selves. So she comes first!

2.) The Amazonian

She is rooted in her centre, she knows what she wants, she knows how to ask for what she wants whilst staying in her heart, she marries strength and softness, she is crystal clear on her boundaries.

3.) The Sacred Lover

This capacity to be deeply intimate with life, to feel life pulsating throughout every cell in our bodies, aliveness, beauty, sensual vitality, giving & receiving, sacred sexual fullness, all the gifts of the juicy woman is the gifts of the sacred lover. 

4.) The Midwife of transformation

She is what makes everything else possible, because she’s who gives us the tools and techniques to maintain our energy, to keep us able to engage with our emotions in a wise way, to transform the power of our emotions.

We will explore, discover and reunite with this inner archetype through meditation, embodiment practice, conscious dance, communion with nature and share the magic which innately unfolds when women gather in circle. 


After this weekend you will:


  • Understand how this archetype can empower your life

  • Discover the wisdom of our emotional bodies

  • Know Sacred Embodiment Practices to use daily

  • Know the language of your intuition

  • Recover creativity

  • Regain your strength

  • Learn how to work with the sensitivity of your body

  • Reclaim the Spark of Joy and Juicy Aliveness

The Sojourn Experience

Who is this Sojourn For?

The invitation of the Wild Woman

Have you ever questioned if you really want what you want or if you want what is expected of you? 

Have you had to contain your instincts, repress your emotions, and people please, as to not be rejected? 

Have you ever silenced your intuition? 

Are you at a cross-roads, knowing something is missing, a depth of connection with the current of life - but you don’t know where to start? 

Is there a part of you which is experiencing a primal yearning for wild freedom? 

This Sojourn Adventure is totally for you if:

  • You know you are a woman of love, who have been called into a deeper connection with self, life and relationships

  • You care deeply about the earth and want to make a difference

  • You are ready to do the inner work to transform your feminine & emotional body wounds

  • You are interested in archetypes and goddess mythology as a tool for personal & spiritual development

  • You're okay with being vulnerable within a sacred sisterhood

  • You have a secret yearning for Wild Freedom

  • You feel both excited and nervous about embarking on this sojourn.

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Sojourn Program

You can choose to join for one day only on the 11th November, or book for full experience of both days. 

The investment for 2 days is €397,00 and investment for 1 day only is €197,00

Day 1:
Saturday 11 November
09h00 -17h30
Day 2:
Sunday 12 November
09h00 -17h00

The first half of the day we will learn and discover the wild woman archetype and understand how she affects our lives.

Light Lunch

The second half of the day we will curiously explore the aspects of the wild woman - healer, intuitive guide, protector, freedom seeker, creative - through conscious dance meditation, creativity and embodiment practice. 

Our Sojourn continues with exploring the mystical gifts of the Wild Woman archetype through dream appreciation .

Light Lunch

In the second part of the day we dive deeper into embodiment practice, collective constellation healing and anchoring her wisdom within, for practical every day living, loving and leading.

Venue: Slovenia

In keeping with the theme of the mysterious Wild Woman, the beautiful sanctuary for our two day Sojourn will be revealed in due time. 

It will be in the heart of nature, and it will be a sacred container for our heart-work together, in Slovenia. 
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