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Unlock the transformative power of the sacred feminine with our exclusive companion e-book to the inaugural episode the Reconnection Podcast.


Introducing "Spirituality and the Higher Self E-book" a companion read allongside the podcast. An introduction to the concepts of the sacred feminine, feminine leadership, personal development and the higher self.


  • Delve deep into the essence of feminine leadership, spirituality, and intuitive wisdom as we embark on a journey through myths, stories, and practical exercises.
  • Explore the sacred feminine and discover its significance in today's world of leadership and personal growth.
  • Learn about the sacred feminine journey—a map of transformation that empowers women to embrace their authentic selves and lead from a place of strength and vulnerability.
  • Uncover the importance of women's circles, their origins, and the healing capacity they offer.
  • Understand why women hesitate to join such circles and the profound benefits awaiting those who take the leap.
  • Dive into spirituality and redefine it in a way that resonates with women's experiences and aspirations.
  • Connect with your higher self, also known as the Sophia self, and tap into your intuitive wisdom with a guided exercise designed to open you to the intuitive guidance within.


This 31 page e-book is the first step on the journey to Reconnecting with the essence of the Divine Feminine within. 


Spirituality and the Higher Self E-book

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