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Women's Circle Membership

Women's circles are an ancient tradition. Gathering together in sacred circle is part of our DNA. Knowingly, or unknowingly, our hearts yearn for it, our nervous systems relax into it, and our cycles sync in harmony within the commune of a sacred circle. We are neuro-biologically wired for it! 

In our herstory, gathering in circle could be dangerous, even outlawed. I guess, looking in from the outside,  a group of unapologetic "wild" women howling at the full moon, cooking up some herbal remedies to boost the immune system for winter, and dancing in the forest was a sight to behold! 

From the inside, the sacred circle is a sanctuary. A safe container to be seen, and to witness, to be heard, to be celebrated and acknowledged. A holding space for diving into the heart of the divine feminine that we can be held, nourished and embody the subtle, soft, center of the mystical, instinctual, innate creative power rooted in luminous Love.

In the circle we practice deep listening. To one another, and to the inner whispers calling us home to heart- center.
In the circle we practice compassionate self-inquiry. To be still, to feel and to heal.
In the circle we practice courageous truth telling. Listening to other stories, and seeing our own reflection within a shared humanity. 
In the circle we practice flowing with the cycles of life and harmonise with season, phases of the moon and the journey of menstruation.
In the circle practice dedicated time for our individual wellness and the collective welfare. 
In the circle, we grow strength and share wisdom. 
In the circle we embody the awakening, anchoring and activation of the sacred feminine mysteries.

We also dance, shake, breathe, meditate, sing, cry, laugh, embrace, nurture and support each other. Together we weave and co-create a culture of women empowering women. 

There is a soul-nourishment found in women's circles. A restoration of grace, an ignition of inspiration, and the overflow of your cup. It is medicine for the heart, mind, body and soul. 


Yes! I'm in!

What is included in the Membership?
Image by Benjamin Wedemeyer

🌕 Full Moon

E - Motions Session

Monthly 2 hour Live Zoom Call to practice feminine embodiment.

Image by Sage Friedman

🌚 New Moon 

Meditation circle

Monthly 90 minute on a Live Zoom Call to work with our intentions.

Mobile Phone User

💞 Like-hearted community group

Private portal to connect, share,

empower and support one another. 


⏯ Access to Circle &

Meditation Replay

Access to past and present content, meditations and embodiment practices

Mixing Organic Beauty Products

📚 Ritual, Recipes  & Potions

Feminine Way living, natural body care recipes and herbal remedies. 

Image by Saffu

🎁 Gratitude offers

Be the first to access exclusive offers on my online programs, workshops and retreats throughout the year. 

What women say after circle...

" I feel so much lighter"  and "My body feels alive!"

My heart says YES. Sign me up!

You have two options to sign up:

1.) Monthly Subscription. You can subscribe on a monthly basis, which includes your first month as a free trial to see if this is for you. With this option, you can unsubscribe at any time. If you do chose so, you will loose access to the membership area. 


2.) Yearly Subscription. The second option is to commit to 1 year of cyclical living. In this option you invest in a one time payment which receive you two months free. Imagine what is possible for you after 1 year of dedicated nurturing self-care? 

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me. 

How does the Membership work?
How do I sign up? 
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Welcometo theCircle!

  • Women's Circle Membership

    Every month
    Online circle for Feminine Way Moon embodiment practice.
     30 day free trial
    • Monthly Full Moon E-motions session
    • Monthly New Moon Circle
    • Private like-hearted community group
    • Access to meditation library
    • Rituals, Recipes and Potions
    • Unlimited access to past and present content
  • Best Value

    Women's Circle Membership Annual

    Online circle for Feminine Way Moon embodiment practice.
    Valid for one year
    • Monthly Full Moon E-motions session
    • Monthly New Moon Circle
    • Private like-hearted community group
    • Access to meditation library
    • Rituals, Recipes and Potions
    • Unlimited access to past and present content
Membership Sign Up

It is an absolute Joy to facilitate these circles online. It is balm for my soul!

It is an honour to learn, heal, expand and share in life's wild adventure with You. 

See you on the inside. 

Luminous Love, 


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