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Lead a Root to Rise Circle


From frustrated, overwhelmed and procrastinating the nagging inner call to
confident clarity, purpose and fulfilment.

Root to Rise Facilitator Program – One Year to Inner Mastery, Group Coaching and Feminine Leadership
A one-of-a kind transformational training and certified facilitator program for women who are ready to follow their heart's calling.
I know that you are called into service to the world. 
Your heart and intuition keeps reminding you...

But you don't know how or where to start. 

This is deep work. Expertly designed for you to integrate into your own business offering, or to bring into your current workplace.

It’s the kind of heart-work which yields fruits for a life-time.

Supporting you to stay on track, to access the innate feminine power which is already within you.

This is for the future feminine leaders, to embody feminine sovereignty and resiliency. 

If you can relate or aspire to one of these descriptions, then this program is a resonant fit for you.
Your Route to Rise
Established  Fempreneur

You're already offering your soul-purpose service, and looking to expand your skillset rooted in sacred feminine wisdom. 

You love working one on one, but you would like to expand your reach to coaching in a group. Although this sounds attractive to you, you're unsure about how to facilitate group dynamics, design a group experience with transformative results and balance individual needs in the group context. 

Emerging  Facilitator

You're ready to bring your gifts and talents to the world, and seeking support with the transition to a build a heart-centred business.

You love working with people, but feel unfulfilled in your current work environment.

You know you have so much more to offer, but you're unsure where to start, when or how to take the leap, overwhelmed at everything new you have to learn about setting up a coaching business. 

Expanding  Team Leader

You're leading teams with your natural gifts and want to expand your professional expression by bringing this content into your workplace.

You love leading teams, but something is missing and you know there is more you can bring to the table in terms of change management and company culture. You're unsure how to navigate the constant changing environment, how to create psychological safety and add value to mental health at work.

Perhaps this is your future self calling….

Wellness Coach Weaved this training into her offerings as she started a group coaching program and confidently leads trauma informed guided meditations with deep impact. 

Project manager Started building a side circle community, offering weekend workshops and retreats, whilst transitioning from her corporate job into her own soul-fire business. 

Team Leader, Used these concept at work to create a team buildt on trust, enhanced performance, and brought magic into the space which rippled into families lives, outside of work. 

This program is open and limited to 8 trailblazing women
who will be part of the founding members. 
Our circle is an international cohort. 
Do you care about people, our beautiful earth and the changing times we are living through? 

If you have found your way here, on this page, in this moment - I know you're being called into supporting people to navigate this uncertain world.

People need a safe harbour, a space to restore, to feel seen, heard, held and inspired. Our world needs conscious conversations and reconnection. 

You can be part of the Solution. 

You can become the change agent, holistic healer, undercover in the business world. 

We are women who were born to do this work. We are deep listeners, highly sensitive, coaches, team leaders, counselors, inner peace facilitators, heart whisperers, nurturers, and community builders. 

Women Holding Hands
Image by Shane Rounce
What is unique about the
Root to Rise Circle Facilitation?  

Facilitation is a skill that requires artistry. It is crucial to have a well-defined strategy and the necessary skills to overcome the obstacles faced in group coaching to achieve facilitation which creates an impact.

Root to Rise Facilitation utilises the Catalyst Facilitation Method, which was founded to add value to the modern training world. To transfer the skills of facilitating group experiences, which leave people inspired, empowered and transformed. 

The added value of this training world? 

  • Foundational Psychology - you don't need a degree, just the practical understanding;

  • Wounded Healer impact - when facilitators have not healed a specific trauma; 

  • Healthy Boundaries - personally and professionally (how to stop people pleasing);

  • Experiences designed for women by women; 

  • Authentic marketing + shifting women & wealth conditioning;

  • Visibility - getting comfortable to be seen one solid step at a time; 

  • Co-creating psychological safety in groups;

  • Effectively managing disruptive behaviour and personalities; 

  • Deep hearted listening - giving and receiving feedback;

  • Utilizing Transformation maps for change management; 

  • Embodied coaching - to create sustained change; 

  • Leading with the soft power of the feminine

A facilitator training program which provides you with the expertise to establish a psychologically secure learning setting. You will learn about group dynamics, emotional process facilitation, trauma-informed techniques, empowering facilitator tools, how to deal with manipulative characters, how to hold space for highly sensitives and knowing when to refer for further assistance.

Additionally, the course covers circle group guidelines, facilitator ethics, and professional conduct.​

The three cornerstones of Catalyst Facilitation method
Transformation Map

Utilizes the hero and heroine’s journey as a structural guideline in facilitating the group process and its stages of transformation.

Owning our Stories

Drawing on the ancient healing tradition of the circle, the power of storytelling and its neurobiological affects

on the body. 

Catalytic Questions

Catalytic questioning which ignites the aha moment, the epiphany, the realisation which sparks sustainable change.

Our training equips you to embody... 
Change Agency

Wielding the gift of being a catalyst; asking the tough questions with compassion.

Crisis Management

Effectively dealing with ab-reaction during meditative and emotional processes.


Dealing with disruptors, distractors, disengaged behaviour,  pathological personalities in groups and consequently how their behaviour effects the whole group dynamic.


Authentic, effective and ethical group coaching methods.


Supporting participants through the process of transformation in the context of a group environment.


Staying grounded as a facilitator in the midst of holding space for transformation.

Women's circle, retreat, divine feminine.jpg
Who is this training for? 

This training is for Women who are interested in personal growth and see themselves as leaders, wanting to facilitate women’s groups or learn effective group coaching skills

Do you desire? 

1. Soul-Business. Building a business with heart and soul-purpose.

2. Aspiring Retreat Leader. The skillset to design and Lead an             impactful retreat.

3. Community. Be part of the Root To Rise Circle Community.

4. Confidence. Facilitating with authenticity and confidence. 

5. Skill-set. Master a unique facilitation method that blends                   feminine leadership principles, essential soft skills, and trauma-          informed techniques grounded in social science.


6. Leading Edge. Being a pioneer in the field of catalyst                        facilitation leadership.

This program equips you with a credible and comprehensive skill-set for effective, compassionate leadership.

What's Included in the program?
Training videos, audio, exercise templates, rituals, practical experience and live call support

This one-year program is thoughtfully designed to seamlessly integrate into your life with ease, grace, and flow. Root to Rise aims to uplift, inspire, connect, ignite joy, and motivate you to live your true purpose, without adding stress to your world. 

Inspired by the wisdom of nature, the program mirrors the natural rhythms of the seasons. We will deep dive into learning, then pause to rest and integrate, and cycle through this process with each new module. This cyclical approach ensures a holistic and thorough completion of the curriculum over the course of the year.


Journey with us the Sacred Feminine Way—tapping into creativity and intuitive intelligence, experiencing the power of ritual, and celebrating breakthroughs within the supportive embrace of soul-sister circles.

33 Training Videos

You also have audio versions, if you prefer to learn that way. 

These are part of the tools you'll practice yourself, and use in your facilitation.

Image by Ioana Ye
Exercise Processes
Audio Support

Engage in guided meditations and in-depth talks to enhance your practice. Use these tools for your own learning or to guide your teams, and sharing key pieces with your circles or groups.

Image by Annie Spratt
Curriculum Formats

You will have the formats and printables for a two hour circle facilitation; 1 day Core Values Workshop, and 3 day intensive Feminine Wisdom Retreat. These are ready to print and go! 

Women Holding Hands

Access to Women's Circles, masterclass support, and life-time access to Root to Rise content upgrades. 

Image by Milos Lopusina
Root to Rise

Lead with confidence and facilitate with ease. Upon completing the Root to Rise Facilitator Program modules and assessment, you will receive certification to add to your credibility bank. Our program is in process of recognition by an international professional industry body.

Image by Vitaly Gariev

Cohort Private Community for the Program

Share your experiences, challenges, and celebrations in our private community, where you'll receive valuable feedback, encouragement, and inspiration.

How the Program Works 
We start our journey on the 19 August 2024

August 2024

October 2024

February 2025

July 2025

Start earning ROI

Module 1: Foundation

Module 2: Practitioner

Module 3: Facilitation

Module 4: The Practice

We dive into the inner work before we can lead others.

Learn facilitation tools and implement practice both online and in person.

The foundation 

Creating the container -divine masculine inner work. Healthy Boundaries for ourselves & in professional boundaries. 6 week online program with weekly calls. 

The practitioner

Sacred Feminine Resilience -divine feminine inner work. She who stands courageous 6 week online program, with weekly live calls. 

The Facilitation Method

Root to Rise Facilitation program. Four month online program with 4 creative assignments. Supported by 8 live calls and community connection practices. 

The Practice

Facilitate your own Summer Root to Rise circles.

4 day intensive practice. Assessment of facilitation skills and completion of program.

Within 6 months, you will have all the tools you need to lead:
Two hour circle
One day Workshop

Team-building circles

Ready to go impactful content on identifying Core Values and strengths workshop.

Personal Development circles

Applicable to both the private and corporate environment. 

Soft-skill transfer circles

A holistic approach to create impactful learning, connection and transfer of skillsets

Three day Retreat

Three day personal development experience. 

Applicable to both the private or corporate environment as a retreat. 

Everything you need to know about 3 day group dynamics.

In other words, run a circle, 1 day workshop, or 3 day retreat and see return on your investment. 
The investment in any self-development or educational program is a commitment to yourself, a physical seal of believing in your own boundless potential.

Imagine breaking free from the mundane, embracing the beauty of your unique gifts, and transforming them into a flourishing coaching business.


The Root to Rise Facilitator Training Program is not just a course—it's a transformational, one-year journey of blossoming into your true self. Here, you'll master inner growth, facilitation skills, and the graceful art of feminine leadership.

Payment options.
_fairy sprouts_ macro of some flower pet
Root to Rise
Facilitator Program
Pay in full
_fairy sprouts_ macro of some flower pet
Root to Rise Facilitator Program
Monthly Payments

€ 800 deposit is required to secure your space. 

If you are still not sure this is a right fit for you -

Special Founding Member Offer for Root to Rise Facilitation Program

Included BONUSES: 

Private Mentoring Sessions
 Value € 800 

Receive eight 60 minute private mentoring sessions with Eleftheria.

These sessions provide personal guidance as you begin facilitating sessions and retreats, offering support for debriefing your circle, navigating personal challenges, and activating your inner wisdom.

Private Mentoring Sessions
 Value € 150 

Receive one 60 minute mentoring session with Sonja Klopčič, CEO, Developer of AEIOU Leadership, Innovator * Coach * Mentor* Author. 

Image by Thought Catalog
Conversations Masterclass
 Value € 100 

Identifying the root causes of conflict, and a step-by-step playbook, on how to resolve conflict with grace, confidence and ease. 

Your Root to Rise Facilitator Trainer

With two decades of experience in personal, professional, and spiritual development, I’ve danced through challenges and soared with breakthroughs. Now, I’m eager to share the wisdom and insights I’ve gathered, helping you embrace and lead your soul’s calling with grace and authenticity.

This certified program is a tapestry of all my tried-and-tested processes, lovingly refined over years of facilitation. I’ve discovered what truly resonates and what doesn’t, and I’m offering you the keys to success wrapped in my secrets.

Recognizing the gaps in traditional coaching and facilitator training, this program is crafted to bridge those spaces. Together, we will co-create a nurturing community, celebrate our breakthroughs, and root for each other’s radiant rise.

The world needs compassionate, heart-centered leadership now more than ever. This movement will reconnect us to natural ways of being and focus on renewable resources in economics, social entrepreneurship, and soulful living.

Educating women is the key to transforming communities. Women are natural leaders, storytellers, and circle keepers, holding the catalytic essence for law-changing campaigns, peaceful resolutions, and conservation activism. Facilitation as a leadership style is the beacon for a thriving future, and I believe women are destined to lead this beautiful evolution.

If you’re reading this, you’re already answering your soul’s purpose.


The world is yearning for your unique gifts—now more than ever. I look forward to sharing the empowerment, fulfillment, and compassion that flows from facilitation with you.

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