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It is a great honour to share this pivotal movement and co-creation for our collective future together. I'm humbled to have been elected as Country Chair Wing South-Africa for Ecocivilisation.(2020 -2022), and elected Ecocivlisation Ambassador for Europe in 2023. If you're interested in becoming a member, of sharing your knowledge on topics which will inspire, uplift and ignite community for evolutionary transformational towards a new civilisational paradigm, connect by sending me a message.  

Inspiring words from the Curator of Ecocivilisation Movement, Violeta Bulc

" I’m convinced that a new civilisation is around the corner. I am part of a global movement that has no name, no leader, no coordinated actions. It is coming from within. More and more of us are feeling it, sensing it, acting upon our inner calling. We know that it is time to live differently. To be more connected to the living world around us.

To be in balance with the Planet, the Universe, with ourselves and our fellow humans.

Here I share with you my view of why and how the new civilisation might organise itself, what its new priorities could be, and what could be the essence of it. I am fully aware of my limitations. I humbly hope that it could be good material for
a broader global discussion. I would also like to acknowledge all the inspiring people that I have had the privilege to meet, or to read their work, because they have all contributed to what is in front of you.

I feel the new civilisation has a clear mission: firstly, to create Planet Earth as an eco-zone of the Universe with its rich biodiversity at its core. Secondly, to populate the Universe by using technology, curiosity, and greatness to drive it.

The main change in organizing Ecocivilisation will be our deep understanding that we are part of a common space that we share within a common consciousness. As a result, structures are based on systems and in the form of networks that nurture a society whose essence is relationships. The concept of competition retreats and gives way to endless collaboration, where the only principle is that collaboration never ends."

Access all Ecocivilisation information 

Ecocivilisation and Interspecies Communication.

Guest speakers:
Wynter Worsthorne &
Linda Tucker

Ecocivilisation and the Plantkingdom: Conservation of fynbos ecology. 
Guest speakers:
Sandberg Fynbos Reserve
Ecocivilisation and Food is Thy Medicine.
Guest speakers:
Anna Shevel, The Good Food Network

 ➙ From ego to eco
➙ From breakdown to breakthrough
➙ From competition to collaboration
➙ From capital growth based on the outside intervention to organic growth based on inner strength
➙ From hierarchy to networks
➙ From profits to shared value
➙ From cremation to care
➙ From functions to entities
➙ From static structures to dynamic networks
➙ From vertical/linear to relationship-based models
➙ From ownership to responsible use
➙ From destruction to cross-civilisational integration
➙ From Individuals to Interconnectors
➙ From short term to long term strategies
➙ From isolation to integration
➙ From greed to distribution
➙ From local to global perspective
➙ From fragmented to holistic action
➙ From close to open systems

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