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Areas Of Expertise


My definition of “spirituality” is the conscious awareness of the interconnection of all

living beings.

It is the acknowledgment of being a valuable part of an eco-system, and the awakening to our belonging in this diverse eco-system.

My Professional Journey

Passionate about the human psyche and our connection to nature, my journey lead me from completing an Honours degree in Clinical Psychology to following my heart in the direction of metaphysical therapies, deeply inspired by the body of work of great therapists such as Louise L. Hay and Virginia Satir. In 2002 I completed my international accreditation as a “You Can HEAL Your Life” facilitator.

I am a “third generation intuitive” and have had life-changing experiences with the “world beyond our 5 senses” which ignited an inquiring interest into mysticism and spirituality.

As the human psyche evolves, so does therapies and counseling modalities. I returned full circle to studying Jungian Psychology, especially the Jungian Dream Appreciation Method, founded by my late mentor Dr. Graham Saayman.

Dedicated to my craft as self-mastery facilitator, I passionately continue

learning and expanding my knowledge in the field of psychology, mysticism, archetype therapy, goddess mythology, embodied art and metaphysics.

As my toolbox expands, I offer clients variety of coaching and therapeutic skills to help you move past the obstacles in your life. I will help you identify your personal values, strengths, and abilities in support of your personal and professional goals.

I believe in integrated medicine, a marriage between the best of both worlds, and thus combining my accreditation with innate intuition. This weaving of foundational psychology and contemporary feminine spirituality offers students a rich body of teachings and private sessions dedicated to personal liberation, spiritual awakenings, and embodied sacred living.

My Experience

Over the past two decades, I have gained valuable experience as counsellor and facilitator through private sessions for both private and corporate sector, group seminars, public talks, and sojourn retreats. 

I’ve expanded my body of work into the corporate environment in the form of stress-management, eco-systemic leadership, personal development skills, and embedded authentic living into countless people’s lives.

My journey as counsellor, facilitator, mentor, and trainer has gifted me the privilege to work with women (and men) from all walks of life. Each story has touched me deeply and truly enriched me as a person. Working with women across the spectrum ranging from township leaders to fortune 500 CEO’s, there is a red thread of connection…. to feel fulfilled, supported, acknowledged, to contribute value to our circles around us, to be seen and heard for who we are.

As truth teller and catalyst I offer my clients the perspective they haven’t thought of, the illuminating truth no-one dares to share and the guidance to uncover innate wisdom which enhances emotional resilience.

As a Feminine Wisdom Counsellor, my work is well received in both the corporate and the wisdom seeker realms of the sacred circles of women.  Bridging both worlds, muggle and magic, through practical spirituality, I am able to offer insight and sustainable shifts within the respectful bounds of personal belief structures.

As feminine wisdom coach and counselor I support women through life-defining transition moments. As a dedicated advocate for women navigating the challenging journey of healing from cancer, I am deeply committed to fostering emotional resilience, cultivating a positive mindset, and guiding individuals through the transformative process of rebirth. With a focus on navigating uncertainty and reclaiming sovereignty over health, I empower women to trust their intuition and reconnect with their bodies as they embark on the path to healing. By emphasizing the importance of deepening spiritual connections and embracing their chosen unique holistic and integrated healing path, I provide a supportive framework for women to embark on their journey with courage, grace, and unwavering determination. Together, we embark on a journey of healing and transformation, celebrating the resilience and strength that resides within each individual.

"As a proud alumna of the Cherie Blair Foundation Mentorship Program, I've had the privilege of guiding emerging women entrepreneurs and witnessing their businesses flourish. It's equally an honor for me to serve as an AEIOU coach, mentor, and facilitator, actively engaged in the AEIOU Breakthrough Programme for Female Leaders. Additionally, I'm thrilled to contribute as one of the facilitators in the AEIOU Executive Programme, empowering leaders to navigate the VUCA world with heart, courage and a regenerative mindset. 


I Stand Rooted for

I am wholehearted rooting for your Rise. I stand in full commitment to your transformation & fempowerment. 

​Above all, my work as a catalyst for awakening, activating, and anchoring the powers within gives me the most purpose. I feel deep gratitude for answering the call of this purpose and being able to work with women across the landscapes of Europe and South-Africa.

​I believe that we are at the precipice of global alchemy, and that now is the time to courageously awaken to the truth of who we are; to re-connect with our Divine Nature in Nature, and that this connection and awakening facilitates a state of grace, empowerment and a return to heart centred living.

I believe that what the world needs now is a re-framing of our disconnected culture… I believe that women are awakening to to their clarion callto catalyze this movement, to embody the unique qualities of feminine leadership, cultivating authentic living.

I stand rooted for women reclaiming their voice, restoring their sacred purpose, and actively stepping into feminine leadership for a better, braver, more connected and compassionate world. 

My ultimate vision is for people to experience their natural state – Grace.

My Approach

My Body of Work

After a heart call to visit the Global White Lion Protection Trust, and a personal transformation, I created my meditation album Sacred Feminine Alchemy” , it has deepened my work and allowed me take things to the next level.  This has resulted in the launch of my many online courses and retreats.

For years I was scribbling notes, and drawing pictures, knowing that at a synchronous time every piece of the puzzle would fall into place for the creation of an empowering self-mastery tool. Her form emerged as an oracle deck called Feminine Wisdom Oracle cards  which have been received with open hearts in South-Africa, Canada, Germany, Slovenia, and Sweden.

I developed Catalyst Facilitator Training Method as a tool for coaches, teachers, facilitators, and counsellors to deepen their skill set in conscious facilitation of personal transformation. Catalyst Facilitation uniquely offers empowering skills for managing manipulative characters, including feminine leadership tools such as storytelling, circle connection, and the heroine’s journey map. 

The golden thread throughout my work has been empowerment through developing healthy boundaries. My Healthy Boundaries Masterclass has become my signature course which has transformed women in ways I had never imagined. It takes the form of a live masterclass and online private coaching for women abroad.

Beyond my professional endeavors, I am deeply passionate about regenerative living in harmony with nature and serves as an ambassador for Europe in the Ecocivilisation movement. My passion for conservation finds expression through my devoted support of the Global White Lion Protection Trust and I am honoured to be able to facilitate women’s sojourns at this magnificent conservancy and community project. 

During the pandemic I created my sacred feminine resilience program called She Who Stands Courageous to support women to thrive in uncertainty, a changing world and to honour the new which is being 'birthed' through them.

In 2024 I was privileged to be invited as a guest speaker on the Reconnect Podcast hosted by Ana Kali Maat. This podcast is expanding into offering women Reconnect Retreats. 

My Approach

In the Spirit of achieving your intentions for your healing journey, gifting yourself the full embodiment of this alchemical experience, we invite you to step into these following agreements with yourself:

1.Give yourself permission to be brutally honest. It takes courage to allow yourself to be completely vulnerable. We can only change that which we can acknowledge. This courageous act will ultimately gift you the liberating freedom and the heart-connection your Soul thrives on, and is calling for.

2. Create an allocated time for self-reflection and growth-work between sessions. After completion of your journey, continue to dedicate this time to sacred practice. This will ensure integrated knowledge and leave space for expanding into deeper awareness.


3. Start a journal and allow yourself to be as creative and expressive as possible. This journey is about uncovering YOUR truth. I will be sharing my truth, and transformational techniques which worked both for myself and my students. My intention is to facilitate this inner journey of uncovering your unique gold, in an emotionally safe and confidential environment. I may, at times, strategically interrupt a story in order to get to the core issue, ensuring we stay on track, supporting you to align fully with your intentions to live your greatest fulfilment.

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