We all need a sacred witness in life,

a person who can listen without judgement

while knowing the right question to ask

that continually illuminate our path

– Caroline Myss.


Private Sessions

A session refers to a private consultation with Eleftheria.

Since 2002, I've been helping my clients to discover their personal truth, power and purpose. As a registered Counsellor, I aim to facilitate empowerment as you face the journey of transition in your life. Our work together will assist to bring you into wholeness through aligning the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies.

My sessions include the *Catalyst facilitation method, feminine wisdom coaching and tapping into innate intuition.

The duration of the sessions in the Feminine Power Sojourn package are 60 - 90 minutes.​

In order for sustained results to be achieved, the healing journey starts with a commitment to 12 sessions

Image by Amélie Mourichon

What is Catalyst Facilitation?

The facilitation which ignites the aha moment, the key which unlocks the metaphoric closed door, the stimulus which motivates the paradigm shift, the spark which opens the heart…

In terms of facilitation technique it is the word, the question, the process, the movement, the hug, or the creative project which ignites the illumination,

leaving the participant changed forever.



Mentoring sessions with Eleftheria are designed to facilitate your personal evolution within the scope of the personal development field. As coaches, counselors, and leaders, we need a safe space to debrief, to unpack our own stuff which arises during our work, and an accountability guide with someone who can relate to the specific field of personal development work and all it entails.

Who would benefit from mentoring sessions?

You are a coach, counsellor, team leader or women’s circle leader

You are interested in authentic leadership

You would like to incorporate feminine leadership qualities such as inclusivity, collaboration, intuition, cyclical process, compassion, and fempowerment

You are wanting to offer your services through the sacred feminine way

What will we cover in our mentoring sessions?

early defining your ethics and values