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Boundary Baseline Program

Boundary Baseline Program


Confidently shift from overwhelm, fatigue and frustration to
fierce freedom, clarity and thriving relationships!

a line that serves as a basis or reference point for observing behaviour.

a value or starting point on a scale with which other values can be compared.

used as a yardstick for navigation.  


Relationships are the cornerstone of our existence. We are in relation with everything that touches our lives.  We have a relationship with food, money, people, our past, present and future, and the environment we live in. All of these relations are connected through the golden thread to our relationship with self. 

The happiest, successful and most compassionate people

all have one thing in common - the skills to create

clear, solid, transparent, expansive boundaries!

I want to share a story about a “selfless" woman called Rebecca.... perhaps you will be able to relate to her and see parts of yourself in her story…

Rebecca is a kind-hearted, deeply caring, super nice lady.

She is well loved by her community, she is constantly there for others.
Everyone knows that they can call on Rebecca for anything they need... and she will be there - running errands, listening to your complaints, leading campaigns, picking up the load no else wants to, attending almost every social event, school prize giving, professional mingles, supporting her partner’s rising career, her children’s accomplishments and running her own side business all at the same time.

From the outside it seems like Rebecca is PERFECT! She has everything under control, she is happy, successful, has it all. She is popular, beautiful, kind, accomplished.

On the inside - Rebecca feels overwhelmed and fatigued. She does not feel perfect nor happy nor popular. There is a constant critical voice within - which she is sometimes conscious of, at other times not- which tells her that she is "not good enough", and needs to "be more, do more and have more"
….Her body, mind and heart is exhausted. 

From time to time she feels resentful towards everyone who demands so much of her attention.

She feels guilty when she has to run from one coffee meeting to the next errand she is doing for someone else. Her mind is scattered in a hundred different directions.
She feels guilty when she says no to a favour, because she feels so blessed in her own life. 
She feels guilty when she is so exhausted, that she doesn’t have the extra patience with her kids at night.
Sometimes when she looks in the mirror, she doesn’t know who she is anymore…. And feels like a fraud… but she’s too deep in now.
People have given her this title of 'SUPER-woman' - and now she has to live up to being the Super-mom-friend-daughter-wife-lover-entrepreneur….

Sometimes, in the privacy of her own thoughts she fantasizes about running away…. being completely anonymous... not needing to care for anyone else…. no demands to take care of…nothing to fix or rescue…. no needing to be ‘someone’ for everyone else.

She is always saying yes to everyone else, but never says YES to her own needs. 

And then one day.... After years of living this pattern - placing everyone else’s needs in-front of her own well-being....  

Her body said

a hard NO!!!! 
Demanded to be listened to. 
Her body said : “ I have LIMITS”. 
She had no choice, and had to listen. 

And this is how Rebecca came to sit in my office, to start her Heroine’s journey into the heart of this pattern which needed to change NOW, or her health, relationships and business would be compromised further.

We uncovered that this pattern of pleasing others through self-sacrifice was rooted in early childhood.
When she behaved in a way her primary caregivers wanted her too, she was praised, loved, acknowledged. 
When she didn’t behave in accordance with their expectations, she was shamed, dismissed and love was withheld. 
This was the first time she placed on the mask, the first time she started EARNING HER WORTH THROUGH PEOPLE PLEASING….
This became her survival pattern into adulthood. 

At 40, she realised she barely ever asked herself
what she needed? 
What she truly wanted? Or
How she wanted to spend her one precious life… 

Her biggest breakthrough came the moment she could let go of the fear of being discovered as a ‘fraud’ - and uncovered that the disease to please was the real fraudster… 
it was the identity she created to earn her value…

We did an inventory of the true costs of wearing this mask…the costs were simply too high...

We braved into the part she played in these relationship dynamics. She taught others to depend on her. She gave away her power to needing other’s approval of her - this was the only way she felt good enough. 

When Rebecca could own her story, she stopped hustling for her worthiness outside of herself…
She learnt the profound value of setting boundaries to protect her worth, her health, her freedom, her emotional well-being.
She learnt that when others got really upset by her setting these new boundaries, that it was about their own needs which no longer got met. 

Now, Rebecca practices the Sacred No - guilt free.

And this has changed her whole life!

Knowing that when she says No, she is saying yes to inner peace, freedom, well-being and radical self-care.
Now, when she says Yes, it is in alignment with her value system which is rooted in compassion, love, truth, connection and being present whole-heartedly. 

As Rebecca kept building healthy boundaries and rediscovered her authentic self, she chooses to live, love and lead her best, beautiful life!


If you can relate to Rebecca, and you are READY to do the 'the work", brave the Heroine's journey into Building clear, solid, transparent, empowering Boundaries as your baseline which cultivate living, loving and leading your BEST, most Beautiful Life - then perhaps this Boundary Baseline program is just the course for you? 

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Mastering the Art of setting and maintaining healthy boundaries, gifts you

Image by Denys Nevozhai


Image by Eugene Chystiakov


Image by Conor Samuel


Knowing who you are;

knowing what you want & don't want;

and the wise why behind these choices, gifts you the luminous clarity to make decisions easily.

This clarity is your heart-compass which guides choices which align you with living your best life, being your authentic self, making choices which support your true heart's desires.

What would you choose if you felt truly seen?

When we start living in a drama-free zone, we suddenly have more personal time available, more energy, and more compassion.

Living, loving and leading from the core of your personal truth is a game-changer. 

Imagine how different your life will be when you feel empowered and completely Free to be your wholehearted self.

What would you do differently if you felt entirely liberated?

At the end of this course, you will have the confidence to advocate for yourself and to reclaim your personal space in your life.

You will have the mindset, the heartfulness and the failsafe tools, to confidently navigate the hard conversations.

Gifting yourself permission to ask for what you need.

How different would your relationships, career and self-esteem be, if you felt heard?

When do we set boundaries?


You feel taken advantage of, or untrusting in relationships.


You feel disrespected, belittled or disregarded.


Your personal space or privacy is being invaded.


You feel bullied, abused or subjected too aggressive behaviour.   


You are being subjected to others ideas, feelings and actions.

Time & Energy

You are exhausted from toxic drama and need personal time to recover. 

Clearly setting and maintaining boundaries can make or break a relationship, loveship or career. 

In the absence of boundaries - chaos thrives!

This is not fluffy work. This is the real work. It’s the kind of work which yields fruits for a life-time.

Often we are unclear about what boundaries actually are, and unaware of how mastering this skill can radically transform our lives in the direction of heart-centered living, loving and leading.

When we are unclear about our personal boundaries and the behaviour, people, and experiences we do or do not want to allow, invite and include in our lives, we will experience:

  • toxic drama triangles;

  • betrayal or broken trust;

  • avoiding conflict;

  • broken relationships;

  • choosing unhealthy partnerships;

  • low self-worth;

  • feeling overworked and anxious at the office;

  • feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, disappointed, and stuck;

  • struggle with hard conversations;

  • feeling guilty saying "No"


Your facilitator in Boundary Mastery

My name is Eleftheria, of Hellenic descent, it means liberty or freedom. In essence this is what I stand for - the liberation of the sacred feminine within us all. I have been deeply honoured to have had the privilege to work with women’s personal and spiritual develop for 20 years now. Every story has touched me deeply and has contributed to my own sense of place, purpose and power. My work as transformation facilitator is a marriage between my training in clinical psychology and women’s spirituality. I am passionate about myth and story as healing tools.

Teaching the inner work and skills required to Master Healthy Boundaries has been a recurring topic in both my private sessions with women, and in group seminars, over the course of more than two decades.


The results of this powerful, life-altering practice is so deeply valuable, that I was inspired to create a comprehensive Live 3-day Masterclass Seminar. This class was deeply transformational and soon I started receiving requests for an on-line version.

This masterclass is a compilation of tried and tested techniques and tools which teaches you the "HOW to" stop people from trampling over you; to get out of overwhelm no matter what your circumstances are; and to take back control of your life, so you can live and thrive without resentment.

Focusing souley on the core underlying issues which prevent or block us from setting healthy boundaries, and the know how to maintain and honour our boundaries, so that we can live our best lives.  Looking forward to sharing the freedom, connection and compassion mastering the art of boundaries gifts us with you!  


Luminous Love, Eleftheria

Boundary Setting Blocks - What is getting in the way? 

1. The disease to please

How much time to do end up spending on other people's demands, opinions and requests? One of the top reasons women struggle with setting boundaries, is the fear of disappointing people they care about.

This can be exhausting, and actually creates inner conflict, keeping inner peace outside of your reach. Perhaps you even spend hours ruminating over past conversations and what you should or should not have said?

Seeking approval or permission from others OR protecting yourself to the extend of isolation will never create the authentic life you desire.

Don't think you have it? How many times do you end doing things for others you don't really want to? 

3. Self-worth

When you don't know who you are, what you stand for and what you don't stand for, you will fall for anything.

We receive the love we think we deserve. If you clarify your value system, know what matters most to you, then you will be able to advocate for yourself and negotiate your needs, requests, and preferences in life.

You may think that you don't have a right to your feelings or perspective.

If you can relate to any of the above, then you probably need to clearly define your boundaries, discover the root cause of why you haven't set them, and up-skill your boundary toolkit!

2. Repeating Patterns

Our first experience with relationships are formulated during early childhood. We will repeat what we observed until we consciously evaluate if these past patterns of learned behaviour are serving us in the present.

Women often carry an unconscious belief that they do not have 'the right' to ask for what they need, to negotiate requests, or have permission to speak their truth. These beliefs will lead to weak or no boundaries.  The opposite may also apply, where you may have rigid boundaries and protect yourself through aggressive communication to be heard or acknowledged.

Until you re-evaluate your boundary story, you will continue to repeat the patterns.

4. Avoiding Conflict

You may believe that doing everything you can to keep your life conflict free, and doing whatever it takes NOT to rock the boat, in the hope that this will bring you the inner peace you crave.

The awakening truth, is that this strategy of over-giving in an attempt to control the chaos, and avoid the painful emotions, will only attract more destructive conflict into your world.

This high-functioning co-dependency is rooted in an overdeveloped sense of responsibility for other people's actions and emotions.

At the end of this program, you will:

Heart Lock and Crown

Get clarity on what is and is not Ok with you.

Heart Lock and Crown

Discover why you have boundary struggles and learn how to overcome it.

Heart Lock and Crown

Learn how to set boundaries with ease, grace and clarity.

Heart Lock and Crown

Learn how to manage boundary bullies and energy vampires.

Heart Lock and Crown

Learn effective communication tools for having the hard conversations.

Heart Lock and Crown

Learn how to stop abandoning yourself for the sake of others. 

Heart Lock and Crown

How to start living, loving and leading from your authentic self! How can others love you authentically if they don't know you authentically?

Inside the course

This online masterclass program is structured in three modules, and course material is covered in 12 lessons. In each lesson, you will receive expertly designed downloadable PDF worksheets filled with supportive content, and diagrams; downloadable audio and guided meditations, and power-packed video lessons.

You can dive straight into the course work at your own pace, or follow the weekly guide to integrate each step on this empowering journey.

Module 1



The first step on our game-changer journey starts with a life-review on your current boundary status.


You will identify your current boundary style, and find the sweet spot.

You will clarify exactly what boundaries are, and how they impact your life daily.

We will unpack the 6 different types of boundaries and

learn how to enmeshment creates exhaustion,

how empaths can set & maintain compassionate boundaries, and

how to manage boundaries in the digital age.

Intention | Identify | Illuminate

We will clarify your intention for staying on course, and anchor you for the moments of self-doubt. Our intention is our compass, keeping us on track and accountable. Discover the underlying wise "why" behind your choice of personal and professional terms of engagement. Our why is our motivation which inspires us, to keep on the path.

Uncover your boundary story and the root issues which govern your boundary challenges. In this lesson, we start uncovering the unconscious drivers which prevent you from setting and maintaining boundaries.

Through completing the boundary diagram, you will get crystal clear on where the lines of responsibility are drawn. This assists us to release ourselves from taking on the 'stuff' which is not ours to bare.

Often we spot manipulation in the after effects of manipulation. In this lesson, we illuminate the 'blind spots' we have in relation to others.

We will start listening to our innate intuition. And compile a list of red-flag signals and body prompts which inform us on boundaries being contravened.


Module 2

Image by Mor Shani


  • Clarify what matters to you most;

  • Identify your triggers,  let go of over & under functioning;

  • Understand the framework of trust and dispelling defense mechanisms;

  • Strengthen your ability to stay calm in the face of boundary bullies;

  • Cultivate compassion in shared boundaries of engagement;

  • Transform the internal dialogue and narrative which blocks healthy, thriving relationships.

Truth | Trust | Transform

At the entrance of ancient temples, the wise ones wrote: "Know Thyself". When we are clear about who we are, what we stand for and what we don't stand for, boundaries naturally flow from this knowing. In this lesson, we remember who we are and reclaim our worth. 

Standing the sacred ground of your boundaries takes courage. In this lesson we empower ourselves with the skills to stand our sacred ground with compassion, love and service. We also learn how to let go of the critics who benefit from our unhealthy boundaries.

In our lesson in trust, we learn about the key factors which are at the heart of trust. Without trust, relationships are on very shaky ground. We unpack the actions which build trust and identify the ones which break trust. We also dive deeper into our self-trust paradigms and transform them into empowering discernment tools.

In our lesson on transformation, we learn about the 3 keys to self-compassion. Cultivate compassion in shared boundaries of engagement; transform the internal dialogue and narrative which blocks healthy, thriving relationships.


Module 3

Image by Hanneke Laaning


  • Identify your core values;

  • Learn effective communication tools;

  • Cultivate the courage to navigate the hard conversations;

  • Learn how to protect yourself without isolation or building armour;

  • Clarify the strategies to hold your boundaries in place;

  • Create your new boundary story and vision.

Values | Vocalize | Vision

In our third module we start laying the baseline to Root for your Rise. We dive deeply into the core of our values through worksheets which ask the pertinent clarifying questions. Then apply these values to boundaries and their consequences. Once we are clear on how our request for engagement looks like, we can also set in motion the response to contravention. This clarity makes decision making effortless, and empowers us with personal freedom.

In our lesson on vocalize, we upskill ourselves with effective communication skills and active listening, so that we can thrive through hard conversations. We start practicing our new healthy responses, and know when to walk away and when to circle back.

We complete our Boundary Baseline journey by creating a new story. We write a clear vision for our lives, and expand this into an invitation. At this point you know exactly which experiences you want to invite into your life, you know which people you want to invite into your inner circle and what actions you need to take to live, love and lead your personal vision.