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Autumn, the season in which the Wild Woman archetype awakens within us. Her invitation is to take a sacred pause, to sojourn deeper and to listen to the instinctual stirrings within.

The season of Autumn cycles through our bodies - once a month during the Luteal phase (pre-menstruation), through the moon cycle - Last Quarter Moon (menopause or post-menopause) and in our one, wild, and precious life cycle - in Midlife

The Wild Woman is the healer. She is the medicine woman, the untamed, the mystic, the embodied soul who is determined.  

She is free, she is powerful and she is connected to an undercurrent of mysticism, and the magic of connection with the natural world. 

Her trust of the intuitive knowledge she taps into, does not follow the predetermined outcomes or hyper-valued format of "logic", analytical reasoning in the world around her. 


The energy of this wild feminine archetype gifts us our intuition, instinct, inner knowing, and our power to heal. 

Yet, it is exactly her wild untamed heart, non-linear perspective, and deep mystical power…

Something intangible, which our modern societies have no value or place for...

It is her "illogical" ways and unpredictability, unknown to the uninitiated,  which gives rise to our fear of her - and the sole reason we ignore, repress and deny her within in.

Within every woman there lives a powerful force,
filled with good instincts, passionate creativity, and ageless knowing.
She is the Wild Woman,
who represents the instinctual nature of women.

- Clarissa Pinkola Estes

The wild woman within, needs to dive in deeper, beyond the surface level, and into the heart of every lived experience. With her full presence, her full emotional body, unapologetically. This is living life in all its dimensions. 

She needs her wildness to be able to navigate the world. Her body’s senses are finely tuned, she intuits the path forward, and feels the full spectrum of emotions, without judging herself. 


For millennia, most women have been censored, limited, stifled, subdued, and yes, tamed. She is still within you, awakening, especially in your autumn life season, calling out to you. 


She emerges differently through each of us. Her wild heart will not be neatly boxed into one category or expression. She emerges in women in unique ways, forms and expressions. 

There comes a time in each women’s life, when a potent energy, brimming with lazer sharp instincts, creative passions, and timeless knowing rises to the surface.

This is the Wild Woman archetype inviting you into an initiation of reclamation.

Reclaiming your voice, your medicine, your emotional body,

your mystical knowledge of the interconnection of life.  


Returning home to sovereignty.

She is the sagacious guide when challenges arise in your life, when you need to access wisdom, courage and power. 


When you are ready to dive deeper into your inner world, she invites you to feel the pain and to face the source of it - head-on. This is the only way to truly heal. 

She asks you to stand still, to step into radical acceptance, and alchemise your experiences. This is the medicine woman, and how we acquire knowledge, growth, and move forward. 


The Wild Woman is the instinctual and intuitive part of us that lives beyond our social conditioning. She is not concerned with being the "good girl” but she is also not purposefully bad or destructive. She is balanced: she knows when to remain silent, and when to speak truth to power.

She teaches us how to fine-tune our intuition. She leads us to unearth our own gifts of intuition, rising from the ashes of it being buried. Clearing away the misperceptions about what intuition really is. She teaches how to enhance our discernment, so we can separate illusion or distraction from divine truth. 

The skills set of sorting the chaff from the seed, is the practice of using both intuition and logic - the balance of the feminine and masculine gifts. Valuing both science and mystic instinct. 

This archetype deeply reflects and embodies the sacred union of the masculine principle and the feminine principle. If either is out of balance, we are not living or experiencing wholeness. 

And a deep yearning will be felt… A knowing that something is missing… 

The solar and lunar, the doing and being, the giving and receiving, the expansion and contraction. All aspects which we see in nature as a living, breathing beingness. The wild woman archetype is in constant dance with balancing the two living forces within. 


She is connected to the natural world. Intimately. Deeply. Instinctively. In an embodied sense the Wild Woman archetype encourages us to rediscover our interconnection, wonder, magnetism and wisdom in relation to Mother Earth. 

As a new season arrives, feeling it, flowing and in tune with the animal -: plant -: bird -; and crystal kingdoms, and this part of our eco-system affects our inner world too. Knowing the mystic wisdom of this natural world, she known its cycles and seasons are reflected in her own body too. 


She inhabits her body, and at home in her own skin. 

She teaches us about what it truly means to “be in our body”, and how to tap into the mysticism of the body-temple. When we are in our bodies we can experience the natural word in all its awe-inspiring wonder, complexity, ultimately experiencing all of its gifts. 

If you’re not in the seasonal cycle of Autumn, you are can work with her through the inward to the inner seasonal cycle. Our bodies cycles through the seasons each month, when you’re still in menses - the luteal phase represents autumn, if you’re complete with menses - the last quarter of the Lunar cycle represents Autumn. 

Side-note for the wise woman who are in or post menopause, you can follow the lunar cycle to be in flow with your seasons. 


She is the spirit of Resilience within you. When you’re at your edge, and you need the courage to complete the project, task, last labour push.... Or you know something's gotta change, but you don't know how, or where to start....she is the one spurring you onwards. 

Ways to connect to the Wild Women Within: 

Conscious Dance - Full Moon E-motions Sessions

Weekend Sojourn in Slovenia -

Private Journey with the Wild Women - 1:1 Coaching Program

Annual Online Program : She who stands courageous. 

Autumn Wild Women Offerings

Women's Circle

Live Workshop

Online Sessions

Self-paced program


Monthly Women's Circle


In Person, Slovenia

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3 Month Coaching


Resilience Program

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