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Why are Boundaries important?

In the absence of boundaries chaos and drama flourishes.

Boundaries can either make or break relationships. It is the cornerstone of deeply compassionate people with thriving relationships. 

Boundary setting is a practice of self-respect. It is the structure or value system, YOU put in place in order to define the people, behaviour and experience you want to include in your life. It is the sacred container for thriving relationships. 

Finding your boundary type, is the first step in clearly setting boundaries.

Our type is on a spectrum from rigid to weak boundaries. The sweet spot - healthy boundaries - is in the middle. 

In this Boundary Spectrum Quiz you will:

Identify your Boundary type

Know where you are currently, so you can make adjustments.


Clarify your strengths

We are often great at setting boundaries in one area of our lives, and fail at it in others. Are you good with boundaries in personal or work relationships; with money or food; with children or parents, with personal self-care or caring for others ? 

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Find your boundary type in the
Boundary Spectrum Quiz!

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