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Areas Of Expertise

My Professional Journey

My definition of “spirituality” is the conscious awareness of the interconnection of all living beings.

It is the acknowledgment of being a valuable part of an eco-system, and the awakening to our belonging in this diverse eco-system.

Passionate about the human psyche and our connection to nature, my journey lead me from completing an Honours degree in Clinical Psychology to following my heart in the direction of metaphysical therapies, deeply inspired by the body of work of great therapists such as Louise L. Hay and Virginia Satir. In 2002 I completed my international accreditation as a “You Can HEAL Your Life” facilitator.


I am a “third generation intuitive” and have had life-changing experiences with the “world beyond our 5 senses” which ignited an inquiring interest into mysticism and spirituality.

As the human psyche evolves, so does therapies and counseling modalities. I have returned full circle to studying Jungian Psychology, especially the Jungian Dream Appreciation Method, founded by my mentor Dr. Graham Saayman.

Dedicated to my craft as self-mastery facilitator, I passionately continue learning and expanding my knowledge in the field of psychology, mysticism, archetype therapy, goddess mythology, embodied art and metaphysics.

As my toolbox expands, I offer clients variety of coaching and therapeutic skills to help you move past the obstacles in your life. I will help you identify your personal values, strengths, and abilities in support of your personal and professional goals.

I believe in integrated medicine, a marriage between the best of both worlds, and thus combining my accreditation with innate intuition. This weaving of foundational psychology and contemporary feminine spirituality offers students a rich body of teachings and private sessions dedicated to personal liberation, spiritual awakenings, and embodied sacred living.

My Approach
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