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My Body of Work

My Body of Work

After a heart call to visit the Global White Lion Protection Trust, and a personal transformation, I created my meditation album “Sacred Feminine Alchemy” , it has deepened my work and allowed me take things to the next level.  This has resulted in the launch of my many online courses and retreats.


For years I was scribbling notes, and drawing pictures, knowing that at a synchronous time every piece of the puzzle would fall into place for the creation of an empowering self-mastery tool. Her form emerged as an oracle deck called Feminine Wisdom Oracle cards  which have been received with open hearts in South-Africa, Canada, Germany, Slovenia, and Sweden.

I developed Catalyst Facilitator Training as a tool for coaches, teachers, facilitators, and counsellors to deepen their skill set in conscious facilitation of personal transformation. Catalyst Facilitation uniquely offers empowering skills for managing manipulative characters, including feminine leadership tools such as storytelling, circle connection, and the heroine’s journey map.

My Approach

The golden thread throughout my work has been empowerment through developing healthy boundaries. My Healthy Boundaries Masterclass has become my signature course which has transformed women in ways I had never imagined. It takes the form of a live masterclass and online private coaching for women abroad.

My passion for conservation finds expression through my devoted support of the Global White Lion Protection Trust and I am honoured to be able to facilitate women’s sojourns at this magnificent conservancy and community project.

Currently, I am working on my forthcoming podcast. Launching in 2021. Watch this space.

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