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My Approach

My Approach

In the Spirit of achieving your intentions for your healing journey, gifting yourself the full embodiment of this alchemical experience, we invite you to step into these following agreements with yourself:


Give yourself permission to be brutally honest. It takes courage to allow yourself to be completely vulnerable. We can only change that which we can acknowledge. This courageous act will ultimately gift you the liberating freedom and the heart-connection your Soul thrives on, and is calling for.

Create an allocated time for self-reflection and growth-work between sessions. After completion of your journey, continue to dedicate this time to sacred practice. This will ensure integrated knowledge and leave space for expanding into deeper awareness.

Start a journal and allow yourself to be as creative and expressive as possible. This journey is about uncovering YOUR truth. I will be sharing my truth, and transformational techniques which worked both for myself and my students. My intention is to facilitate this inner journey of uncovering your unique gold, in an emotionally safe and confidential environment. I may, at times, strategically interrupt a story in order to get to the core issue, ensuring we stay on track, supporting you to align fully with your intentions to live your greatest fulfillme

My Approach
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