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I Stand Rooted For

I Stand Rooted for

II am wholehearted rooting for your Rise. I stand in full commitment to your transformation & fempowerment. 


Above all, my work as a catalyst for awakening, activating, and anchoring the powers within gives me the most purpose. I feel deep gratitude for answering the call of this purpose and being able to work with women across the landscapes of Europe and South-Africa.

I believe that we are at the precipice of global alchemy, and that now is the time to courageously awaken to the truth of who we are; to re-connect with our Divine Nature in Nature, and that this connection and awakening facilitates a state of grace, empowerment and a return to heart centred living.

My Approach

I believe that what the world needs now is a re-framing of our disconnected culture… I believe that women are awakening to to their clarion callto catalyze this movement, to embody the unique qualities of feminine leadership, cultivating authentic living

I stand rooted for women reclaiming their voice, restoring their sacred purpose, and actively stepping into feminine leadership for a better, braver, more connected and compassionate world. 

My ultimate vision is for people to experience their natural state – Grace.

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