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My Experience

My Experience

Over the past 18+ years, I have gained valuable experience as counsellor and facilitator through private sessions for both private and corporate sector, group seminars, public talks, and sojourn retreats. 

I’ve expanded my body of work into the corporate environment in the form of stress-management, eco-systemic leadership, personal development skills, and embedded authentic living into countless people’s lives.


My journey as counsellor, facilitator, mentor, and trainer has gifted me the privilege to work with women (and men) from all walks of life. Each story has touched me deeply and truly enriched me as a person. Working with women across the spectrum ranging from township leaders to fortune 500 CEO’s, there is a red thread of connection…. to feel fulfilled, supported, acknowledged, to contribute value to our circles around us, to be seen and heard for who we are.

As truth teller and catalyst I offer my clients the perspective they haven’t thought of, the illuminating truth no-one dares to share and the guidance to uncover innate wisdom which enhances emotional resilience.

As a Feminine Wisdom Counsellor, my work is well received in both the corporate and the wisdom seeker realms of the sacred circles of women.  Bridging both worlds, muggle and magic, through practical spirituality, I am able to offer insight and sustainable shifts within the respectful bounds of personal belief structures.

My Approach

As a Cherie Blair Foundation Mentor Alumni I was honoured to work with emerging women, seeing their businesses thrive.

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