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Women's Circle Training

Women's Circle Facilitation

Lead women's circles certified training.

Want to share meaningful work with Soul, Heart & Fire? OR 
Do you already have a women’s circle and want to refine your facilitation skills? 



Facilitation is an art. Having a clear strategy and skill-set for conquering the challenges of group coaching is essential

for authentic facilitation. 
I have assisted many facilitators and teachers with these skill-sets over the years in a private mentorship capacity.  After numerous requests to “create a training course which would equip facilitators with these skills“, and over two decades experience in facilitating women's process groups, I humbly accepted the call and developed this training in 2018 to support women who are called to re-establish our ancestral wisdom - gathering in circle. This ancient sacred feminine practice is available to us in modern society.

We are ready. 


A facilitator training course which will equip you with the skills to create a psychologically safe learning environment, understand group dynamics, emotional process facilitation skills, trauma informed skills, empowering facilitator tools, how to deal with manipulative characters and when to refer, support group etiquette, facilitator ethics and professional conduct.

Utilizing the unique group facilitation tools of:

  • The power of story telling,

  • The healing benefits of the circle

  • Jungian Dream Appreciation and

  • The alchemical journey process.

For centuries women have gathered in circle under the Light of the moon, dancing, singing, praying, celebrating, lamenting, sharing ritual together to access the wisdom of the body and stillness of mind.


The power of the circle was known, practiced and felt across the globe. Feminine wisdom was passed down from one generation to the next. Grandmother to mother to daughter. Women would guide their daughters on the path of sacred feminine wisdom. 

This tradition disrupted in particular through the witch trials. A period in which women began to distrust one another. This was due to the fact that they were forced to turn on each other, in order to survive themselves, this persecution created devastating trauma, divides, mistrust, and pain throughout entire communities of women. 

The bonds of sacred sisterhood, its wisdom and power, was lost - for a time.… In this time We have forgotten the power of the circle. 

We have forgotten that we are here on a sacred mission. We have forgotten that we are sacred purpose - We have forgotten that we were born to be here, at this pivotal moment in time, that we come from a lineage of incredible women, and before women from the majestic elements of stardust. 


There is no doubt in my mind, that when women circle, magic happens. Women have been circling for millienea - it has always been our secret super-power.


In our modern world, we are still experiencing deep rooted mistrust with each other which manifest as competition, gossip, envy, betrayal and self-abandonment. 


Our work is to rise above these old wounds, and come together once more as women. As we reclaim our voices, our intuitive gifts, our sacred feminine practices, we come home to the circle - which our hearts are yearning for. 


The women’s circle is a safe space to come together, to share our truth, for our stories to be witnessed and heart - without judgement, shame or guilt. 


We gather in circle to learn, to laugh, to cry, connect, heal and to Be our authentic selves. When we sit in sacred circle with women, we mirror the depth of inner wisdom we hold within.

It is in this sanctum where we can experience profound epiphanies, receive deep healing, expand our consciousness and step into our power. 

Co-creating a supportive and empowered community of women inspires others to reclaim their feminine wisdom too. We can all benefit from this as individuals and the greater collective. 

Reclaiming our power, our voice, our innocence, our right to feelings, our joy, our gifts, our innate intuitive wisdom is linked to giving ourselves permission to receive our clarion call to action.


Rising in circle culture together, we return to our wild, feminine nature and roots. It’s not about recreating the past, its about co-creating a modern, relevant circle for the present pivotal moment in our her story. 



The circle has power, it has strength, it has ancient wisdom within it, it is a flow of collaboration, in circle we are all equal, there is no hierarchy, there is only the spirit of rooting for our rise- together.

What is unique about the Catalyst Facilitation Method? 

Catalyst facilitation is a unique method which utilizes the hero and heroine’s journey as a structural guideline in facilitating the group process. The method is further enriched by drawing on the ancient healing tradition of the circle, its power of storytelling and the skill of catalytic questioning which ignites change in the direction of heart centered living.

Through out my years in my practice and observing the field of personal development and training, I have noticed that group facilitators; adult educators; and holistic teachers have struggled to facilitate group dynamics. Especially disruptive characters, and archetypes. If we do not know how to appropriately facilitate it, it can derail the group's focus, team dynamics. If you are ill equipped, it affects the group experience and your confidence to facilitate process work effectively.

Transformation and change management in groups follows a map. If we are equiped with this map, and we know how to navigate with it, we can lead people to their live their best lives. 

utilizes the hero and heroine’s journey as a structural guideline in facilitating the group process and its stages of transformation.

drawing on the ancient healing tradition of the circle, the power of storytelling and its biological affects on the body. 

catalytic questioning which ignites the aha moment, the epiphany, the realisation which sparks sustainable change.

This training is for you if you want to share meaningful work with Soul, Heart & Fire? OR Do you already have a women’s circle and want to refine your facilitation skills? 

are ready to embrace their divine femininity, reclaim their power, and awaken to their highest potential. Whether you're seeking healing, inspiration, or simply a deeper connection to yourself and the world around you, you'll find a supportive community of like-minded sisters waiting to welcome you with open arms. 

This Training is for you if...

  • You are curious to explore deeper;

  • You interested in mythology, archetypes, and goddess wisdom; 

  • You're wanting to Reconnect to parts of yourself that are whispering to you;

  • You're open and willing to be vulnerable;

  • You care about the earth and living in harmony with nature;

  • You're ready for the next level of growth in your life. 

After completion of your Circle Facilitation training

Change Agent

Wielding the gift of being a catalyst; asking the tough questions with compassion.

Crisis Manage

Effectively dealing with ab-reaction during meditative and emotional processes.


Dealing with disruptors, distractors, disengaged behaviour,  pathological personalities in groups and consequently how their behaviour effects the whole group dynamic.


Authentic, effective and ethical group coaching methods.


Supporting participants through the process of transformation in the context of a group environment.


Staying grounded as a facilitator in the midst of disruptive behaviour.

What to expect?

Dive Deep into Archetypes: Explore the archetypal energies that shape your life and uncover the hidden patterns that influence your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Through guided meditations, experiential exercises, and group discussions, you'll gain insight into the archetypal forces at play within you and learn how to harness their power for personal growth and empowerment.


Journey with Goddess Mythology: Embark on a mythic quest through the stories of the goddesses, ancient deities who embody the many facets of the feminine experience. From the fierce warrior goddess Athena to the sensual and nurturing energy of Aphrodite, you'll discover the gifts and lessons each goddess has to offer and how their myths can guide you on your own path of self-discovery and transformation.


Story as Healing Tool: Explore the power of storytelling as a potent tool for healing and self-expression. Through guided writing exercises, creative expression, and sacred circle sharing, you'll tap into the wisdom of your own life story and discover how the narratives we weave shape our reality. Learn to rewrite your story from a place of empowerment and reclaim your voice as a storyteller of your own life.


Sacred Feminine Embodiment: Reconnect with the ancient wisdom of your body and rediscover the sacredness of being in female form. Through movement practices, rituals, and ceremonies, you'll honor the divine feminine within yourself and cultivate a deeper sense of self-love, acceptance, and reverence for the miraculous vessel that is your body. Together we will explore these realms, including the cycle, their connection to the earth, and their changes through-out a woman's life. You'll gain deeper understanding oh how to nurture yourself in every season. 

Rites of Passage: Throughout our journey, we will discuss rites of passage, and themes of modern women. We will deepen the understanding of initiation and practice through nurturing the mother and daughter within us and strengthening our connection to the earth; energetic healing, Feminine Values and ancestral connections.

Regardless of your phase in life, we all hold mother energy, as we are all connected to mother earth. We will deepen our understanding of this mother energy and learn how to nurture it through spiritual practice.

Your Feminine Wisdom Trainer


Eleftheria Kakambouras

I believe that what our world needs now is a catalyst for change movement.
In order to activate compassionate leadership, re-connection to natural ways of being, redirecting all energy and focus into renewable resources in economics, social entrepreneurship, communities and paradigm shift into heart centered living for all.

I believe that when you educate a woman, you educate a community.
Women are natural educators, networkers, and circle leaders.  I believe that woman hold within them the key…. a catalytic essence which leads to:
law-changing campaigns: e.g. women’s rights || new ways of being ||
peaceful resolutions || bringing compassion back into the boardroom ||
& the crucial current activist movement for conservation,
so that the next 7 generations can thrive!

I believe that facilitation as a leadership style and tool is
the way forward for a thriving future.

I wholeheartedly feel that it is women’s clarion call to lead this
eve-olution, & that we were born to do this!

If you are reading this, you know that on some level you are answering the soul-purpose you are here to fulfil.  The world needs your uniques gifts – now more than ever.

Looking forward to sharing the empowerment, fulfilment and compassion which flows from facilitation with you!

Our Program

You can see the suggested program below. Each day will follow its own rhythm. The program may be adjusted depending on weather conditions, the opening hours of sacred sites, or the group's evolving requirements. Flexibility encourages us to embrace the feminine flow by releasing expectations and being open to life's unfolding experiences.

Movement Meditation
Session with Eleftheria
Free-time or Excursion
Circle Session

Book a 15 minute Discovery Call to see if this Retreat is for you! 

Sunday 6 October
Day 2: Reconnect

We will greet the morning with awakening our bodies with conscious movement class, followed by a scrumptious breakfast.


Gathering in circle for our morning session with Eleftheria, we will explore ancient feminine myth and story. We will work with our personal myths, to acknowledge parts of self which are seeking connection - to sacred self and longing to reignite zest for Life. We will listen to the parts of ourselves which have been longing to be seen, heard, embraced and acknowledged.

This self-inquiry into the roots of our being will ignite the gifts which will unfold over the next few days.


We'll take some time for self-reflection, journaling, a walk on the beach, stillness and rest in the afternoon.


Just before sunset we will meet in the seminar room for the afternoon circle session and discuss our dreams, insights, and connect through embodiment practice. 

We will end our day with a hearty meal, and retire for some deep rest.

Saturday 5 October
Sea View
Day 1: Intention

Arrival day is on the 5 October 2024.

We will gently flow into our day, get settled into our rooms, explore the beautiful space we'll call home for the next week.

At 16h30 we will gather in opening circle into sunset, clarify our intentions for our personal journey, and plant them as seeds in our hearts.

We will nurture our bodies with a delicious meal from the Nema Hotel onsite Restaurant, retire to the comfort of our rooms for a recharging night's rest.

Monday 7th October
Image by Ben Mirzaei
Day 3: Reclaim

We will greet the morning with awakening our bodies in meditation movement class, followed by a scrumptious breakfast.

Gathering in circle for our morning embodiment session with Eleftheria, we will reclaim the sacredness of our bodies - all our bodies, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual, reclaiming any power we gave away, conditioning about how we "should" be or show up in the world, igniting and activating the juicy, fiery, magnetic, sensuous, beautiful parts of ourselves.

We'll take some time for self-reflection, journaling, a walk on the beach, stillness and rest in the afternoon.

At sunset we will meet in the garden for a circle connection facilitated by Ana, she will guide us through the process of Self Reflection with intuitive Questions. 

We will complete the day with conscious dance to get us ready for a deep sleep. 

Tuesday 8 October
Image by Martijn Vonk
Day 4: Restore

We will greet the morning waves with a substantial scrumptious breakfast on the terrace. 


We will gather our hats, sunblock, swimwear, journals and camera's and head out for a day of exploring the ancient sacred sites of the great goddess, here we engage with our intuition and deepen our experience of active listening.


We'll explore the palace of Knossos, the original ruins of “the labyrinth” through to be only myth, discovered in 1878. These ruins are the source of the labyrinth of Ariadne, King Minos and the Minotaur. We will follow the ancient pilgrimage path to the Minoan Peak Sanctuary at Mt. Juktas and experience our own rebirth at a sacred birthing cave.


We will travel back to our beautiful resort and integrate the day with free time. 


At the dusk light, we will explore the inner temple of the heart. 


We'll bless our bodies with a hearty dinner share in the day’s reflections and restore in deep rest. 

Wednesday 9 October
Thursday 10 October
Image by Antigoni Karakoulli
Day 5: Embody

We will greet the morning with awakening our bodies with movement meditation on the beach, followed by a scrumptious breakfast.


Gathering in circle for our morning session with Eleftheria, we will work with the sacred feminine practice of embodiment, feminine meditation and circle sharing. We will explore our connection to self, to others, and to nature. 

We'll take some free time for self-reflection, journaling, a walk on the beach, stillness and rest in the afternoon.


Just before sunset we will explore ancestral lineage and how it affect the modern women. 

We’ll the take a walk along the beach and find a space for an Immersion Meditation receiving our authentic vision.

We will end our day with a hearty meal, and deep rest.

Day 6: Initiation

We will greet the morning with awakening our bodies in a movement class, followed by a scrumptious breakfast.


We will gather our hats, sunblock, swimwear, journals and camera's and head out for a day of exploring the crystal waters of Crete by boat, and visiting secret spots - ancient olive groves tree, and a few more suprises await your senses with delight.  We'll enjoy traditional Cretan lunch, and celebrate the new beginnings unfolding.


We will return late afternoon, giving you some more free-time, to do exactly what you want to do!


Ending the day with a delicious hearty dinner, sharing circle, spiritual dance and deep rest.

Friday 11 October
Day 7: Rise

We will greet the morning with awakening our bodies in an embodiment practice followed by a scrumptious breakfast.

We will gather in gracious gratitude for our closing circle ceremony, emerging empowered, enriched and feeling in Love with all of life.


You have two options to choose from.

Single or Shared Accommodation.

*Spaces are limited to 10 women on a first come first served basis*

Payment plans are available. Please inquire with an e-mail here


Hera Package

All inclusive

SINGLE Accommodation

  • 7 day, 6 night Single Room

  • Half Board

  • 2 Day Trip Excursions

  • Group Coaching & facilitation

  • Life-time embodiment tools

  • Gift Bag

  • Follow-up group session

Re-treat Investment

€ 3333

All inclusive

  • 6 Night Accommodation in Comfort Garden Suite at Luxury Nema Design and Spa Hotel

  • 6 Breakfasts &  6 Dinners at Euphoria Restaurant onsite at Nema

  • Day trip to Knossos Temple

  • Day trip on Boat Cruise

  • Entrance fees & Tourist Tax

  • Return Airport transfers at set times

  • All Facilitation & Online Follow-up meeting

  • Gift Bag

  • 15 minute free massage & 15% discount on spa treatments 

Not included

  • Drinks

  • Travel Health Insurance

  • Airplane tickets & Visa

  • Gratuities


Artemis Package

All inclusive

SHARED Accommodation

  • 7 day, 6 night Shared Room

  • Half board

  • 2 Day Trip Excursions

  • Group Coaching & facilitation

  • Life-time embodiment tools

  • Gift Bag

  • Follow-up group session

Re-treat Investment

€ 2800

Mother and Daughter package. Bring a daughter (+16), or your Mother and receive a 50% discount on the second ticket. 

My body, heart & Soul says YES!!! 
Book your Ticket to Paradise Here! 
  • Journey to Crete and Reconnect with the Divine Feminine Within.

    Starts Oct 5

    From 2,800 euros

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  • I'm not sure I know what my boundaries are. Do I need to figure this out before signing up for the program?
    No, part of the Boundary Baseline core work is to take the time to get clear on your desires, limits, preferences and dealbreakers.
  • I'm already overwhelmed. How much time will I need to schedule per week?
    If you are already overwhelmed, it probably means that you've been struggling with boundaries for a while. The way out of overwhelm, is being gently guided by an experienced coach in a supportive environment. All you have to do, is to trust the intuitive guidance which has brought you here. This program has been designed to support you to reconnect with that core place within you, which is grounded, centred, clear and confident. This gifts you immense freedom.... and the opposite of overwhelm. The program leads you through a process, step by step, with enough time and space to integrate all you need to create a life you love. You can do this program at your own pace. You can choose to set aside 15-20 minutes each day or do the weekly lesson in one go on the weekends. For the best results, I recommend that you watch the video's and do the exercises each week. Set aside 60 - 90 minutes per week to do the 'heart-work', and 75 minutes to attend or watch/listen to the replay of the Q & A Coaching call's. You can support & honour your transformation process with setting up a self-care appointment in your calendar. Please remember, you will have lifetime access to the program, so you can return to the lessons at any time.
  • How does the program work?
    This transformational program start on 11 June 2024. You will have access to the program material from the second you sign up. Each week on Tuesday, we will gather for a Live Q & A ZoomCall Week 1: June 11th Week 2: June 18th Week 3: June 25th Week 4: July 2nd Week 5: July 9th Week 6: July 18th You can access all the meditations, videos, lessons, PDF's and bonus material by logging into the program portal, which is accessible from your computer, tablet or smartphone. You will be able to download the lessons, PDF's and meditations onto your devices. You will also be able to ask questions and share insight in our private group social platform.
  • When does the program start?
    The annual live guided program starts on the 11 June 2024 at 19h30 CET. If you are opting for self-study, you can start when you are ready to set your Baseline to Thriving. If you choose to work through the material at an easy pace with 2 lessons per week, you can complete it in 6 weeks. If you want to dedicate a weekend to work through the material, the program is accessible in this way too.
  • I'm interested, but I'm still not sure?
    I hear you. It's a totally normal response to deciding to sign up for a program which has the potential to catalyse change in your life. And change is scary for us! At times we may even choose to stay stuck because it's familiar. It's really scary to start thinking about setting boundaries, let alone start the process of learning how to do it. Eleftheria has 20 years experience in helping women breakthrough the barriers which hinder boundary setting and maintaining. She has specifically designed this program in a way which guides you in a supportive community of fellow journeyers. You do not need to walk this path alone. You are reading this for a reason. Something inside you, lead you here. To this moment. If you have a gut feeling which is saying "Yes!"... answer the call. You are saying YES to breaking through limiting beliefs, access to the tools to create sustained change in your life and to start identifying your true value - to embody your true self. This is the journey to compassionate communication and thriving relationships. A path to experiencing more fulfilment, energy, freedom and success in all aspects of your life. The Boundary Baseline Program provides you with the encouragement, structure, support, and women's circle to start this journey to authentic living, loving and leading.
  • Is this program appropriate for me if I have past trauma?
    This program is not suitable as a substitute for trauma therapy, but can be a supportive compliment to it. If you have unresolved, painful past trauma which you have not worked through, which is negatively impacting your relationships and life, then this program is not appropriate for you. It would be best for you to work with a trauma specialist before attending this program. If you are currently in therapy, please share this program with your therapist for input on whether it will be a supportive compliment to your healing journey. If you have past trauma, which you have worked through with a therapist, then this program will be complementary and appropriate for you.
  • Do I have a limited time to access the program material?
    No, you have lifetime access to the program. Also, all the lessons and audio materials are downloadable to your device, so that you can have access to it at any time.
  • What makes Boundary Baseline program different to other boundary courses online?
    The Boundary Baseline program is based on tried and tested tools which has worked for my clients, and myself, for two decades. It is a masterclass, with all the tools you will ever need, to create thriving relationships. This program has been designed as a deeper dive into the root causes of what stops up from effectively communicating our needs, deepest desires, from our feminine core. This masterclass is a compilation of tried and tested techniques and tools which teaches you the "HOW to" stop people from trampling over you; to get out of overwhelm no matter what your circumstances are; and to take back control of your life, so you can live and thrive without resentment. ​ Focusing souley on the core underlying issues which prevent or block us from setting healthy boundaries, and the know how to maintain and honour our boundaries, so that we can live our best lives. Looking forward to sharing the freedom, connection and compassion mastering the art of boundaries gifts us with you!
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