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Midlife Mojo Coaching

Midlife Mojo

3 month 1:1 Coaching Program

You are an amazing woman, with a stirring (or roaring) inner knowing,

that you are transitioning into the next phase of your life. 

Midlife is a portal into unapologetic, living, loving and leading,

from your sacred feminine core.

A journey of unbecoming and reclamation of sovereignty.

An initiation of mastering the unknown, embodying your sacred feminine presence.

It is awakening to owning your story - with your whole heart - your one, wild and precious life.

Tap into midlife moxie to create your best second life! 

If you have found your way here, you are probably Gen X, you have nostalgia for a time before the smartphone, the freedom of exploring outdoors (un-supervised), dancing all night and your life is now centred around the inner changes of hormones

(either yours ) or your children's.


You are not old yet, but you are definitely not young anymore. You are woman in the middle.

The mid-point of your one, wild and precious life. 

You're thinking - the years are flying by, and I'm just existing day to day. Something is missing. You're seeking the elixir which will gift you a life which feels fullfiling, joyful,  


The "pause" is your constant companion - and hot flushes (read kundalini awakening) is getting you up at night 

Your priorities have changed. 

You know somethings gotta change.

You're ready to dive deeper than ever before.

You've been called into a deeper connection with self, life and relationships

You're nervously ready to Feel. Deal and Heal,

so you can rock into the last two seasons of your life with purpose, peace, power

and leave behind a talisman for the next generation.

It's time now to To live fully, meaningfully and intentionally.

more than you ever thought you were capable of being.

You have a secret yearning for Wild Freedom...

Reclaiming your voice, your medicine, your emotional body, your mystical knowledge of the interconnection of life. 

Returning home to sovereignty.

Welcome to your Midlife Awakening

Midlife is NOT a crisis, it is a journey of unbecoming. You finally reach the stage of shedding the armour you have build to survive up to this point. You know its time to shed your old skin, the masks you wear, the roles you play, shed the old identities which are no longer serve you.

These were necessary in order to survive up until this moment. But time is catching up, and shit just got real. 

By connecting with our inner world, we can unlock a deeper level of understanding, not only of who we are, but also where we are going.

Brene Brown Quote Midlife

The season of Inner Autumn

Cyclical Living 

Inner Seasons for Women

Living, loving and leading with the rhythms of the moon and menstruation. 

Women are intrinsically connected with the moon through their menstrual cycle, and when this cycle ends post menopause with the moon. 

The four phase creative cycle of growth, fertility, release and rest is visible win our outer world within the four seasons of the wheel of the year. 

Grounding Phase

Time to slow down and focus on daily tasks

Inner Autumn: Premenstruum

Progesterone is the dominant hormone which activates more introversion and reflection. Our energy levels and mental agility begin to slow down, making this an ideal time to retreat from social events and make space for sacred self-care. 

Lunar Autumn: Waning Moon

The diminishing light of the moon pulls us inwards for introspection. Compassionate self-inquiry is prevalent and this voice can be intense, fierce but ultimately bring you to a place of liberation. Approaching this criticism with a positive mindset can highlight areas that need healing, awareness and a resolve. 


Menstruating women can work with both the moon and the menstrual cycle to add a deeper dimension to their daily energetics and connection with life. 


Menopausal women can continue to follow the moon chuckle once they have stopped menstruating. This can be a comfort to women who miss their cyclical rhythm, or for those who discover the menstrual cycle magic in their final reproductive years and feel that they missed out. 

Wild Woman Archetype

The Wild Woman is a powerful archetype within the feminine psyche. She represents the untamed, instinctual, and creative part of ourselves.

Wild meaning natural state, connected to ones instincts and deepest soul.

Your state of being before you were taught to apologize for who you are.  

The Wild Woman is the healer. She is the medicine woman, the untamed, the mystic, the embodied soul.

She is free, she is powerful and she is connected to the secrets and mysteries of life, and knows the magic of connection with the natural world.

She trusts the intuitive knowledge she taps into, without being influenced by what others think or judge or prescribe.

The energy of this wild feminine archetype gifts us our intuition, instinct, inner knowing, and our power to heal.


She is the perfect guide when challenges arise in your life, and you need to access wisdom, courage and power. She guides you through the cross-roads of any transition, such as mid-life, getting back on your feet after loss or failure, starting a new phase in your life, and navigating uncertainty.


She is connected to the natural world. Intimately. Deeply. Instinctively. In an embodied sense the Wild Woman archetype encourages us to rediscover our interconnection, wonder, magnetism and wisdom in relation to Mother Earth.


She teaches us to fine-tune our intuition. She leads us to unearth our own gifts of intuition, rising from the ashes of it being buried. Clearing away the misperceptions about what intuition really is. She teaches how to develop discernment, so we can separate illusion from divine truth

It is a journey of unbecoming. Unraveling the layers which are not you, to reveal the truth of who you are. You have everyting you need already within you. 

Together we will travel through the Heroine's journey, as your innate heart map into embodying your feminine wisdom.


Every journey is unique. I will curate a specifically designed journey to support your next evolution, and focus on your intentions, goals and vision. 

The Midlife Mojo Program

Midlife Mojo Map


  • Rediscover your inner felt sense and the wisdom of your body

  • Balance your masculine and feminine energies for more ease, flow and fulfilment.

  • Understand your patterns of behaviour and unravel the social programming behind them

Reconnect with your body


Meet your inner medicine woman

  • Set healthy boundaries which honour are serve you

  • Find your voice, open to your desires and express your needs with ease and confidence

  • Learn how to make soul aligned decisions, rooted from a place of luminous intuition


  • Release the shame, fear and limiting beliefs which stop you from embodying your potential and sacred purpose

  • Create a clear new vision and supportive beliefs for your next chapter

  • Learn how to embrace the full spectrum of your emotional intelligence so you can express your true self

Unravel the stories + identities


  • Create intimacy with the flow of life, yourself and with  others

  • Reclaim joy, pleasure and your innate creativity as a path forward

  • Cultivate an embodiment of increasing worthiness, belonging and confidence

Vision forward

The invitation of the Wild Woman

Who is this Program For?

This program IS FOR YOU if:

  • Ready to receive a new chapter in your life, written by YOU and not for you

  • Prepared to journey into the uncomfortable parts of yourself​, to do the inner work to transform your feminine and emotional body wounds

  • Interested in archetypes and goddess mythology as a tool for personal & spiritual development​

  • Committed to making real, sustainable, life changes

  • Done with prioritising strategy and logic, and curious to explore intuition and feeling​​​

  • Feel both excited and nervous about embarking on this sojourn.

This program IS NOT FOR YOU if:

  • Looking for someone else to give you the answers or rescue you

  • Want a quick fix or life hack

  • Not ready to face the truth of your situation

  • Wanting someone else to tell you what to do and when to do it

  • Interested in a purely cognitive approach to therapy

  • Have never done any self-inquiry work before

Midlife Mojo Program

This 3 month private session program consists of 12 one hour sessions, which include, but not limited to, meditation, embodiment practice, journaling, creative exploration in between sessions and feminine wisdom counseling. 

Day 1:
Saturday 11 November
09h00 -17h30
Day 2:
Sunday 12 November
09h00 -17h00

The first half of the day we will learn and discover the wild woman archetype and understand how she affects our lives.

Light Lunch

The second half of the day we will curiously explore the aspects of the wild woman - healer, intuitive guide, protector, freedom seeker, creative - through conscious dance meditation, creativity and embodiment practice. 

Our Sojourn continues with exploring the mystical gifts of the Wild Woman archetype through dream appreciation .

Light Lunch

In the second part of the day we dive deeper into embodiment practice, collective constellation healing and anchoring her wisdom within, for practical every day living, loving and leading.


The program investment is normally €1140,00. 
I am currently in the season of Autumn in the north, and gifting the first 4 women to sign up with a €150,00 voucher.
You will receive this program for €990,00*
*This special offer will expire once these 4 spaces are booked.

Payment plans are available. Please e-mail me if you would like to know more about it. 

Best Value

Midlife Mojo



3 month coaching program

Valid for 3 months

12 Weekly Private Sessions.

Life-changing tools to utilize onward.

Transformative practices in between sessions.

Direct contact with me via txt, email or voice-note.

Access to my monthly E-motion Full moon sessions.

Curated meditation and emotional processing tools.

Sacred feminine embodiment practice tools.

Venue: Slovenia

In keeping with the theme of the mysterious Wild Woman, the beautiful sanctuary for our two day Sojourn will be revealed in due time. 

It will be in the heart of nature, and it will be a sacred container for our heart-work together, in Slovenia. 
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