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Heartfullness Practice

Our emotional bodies, its language and intelligence is an essential aspect of embodying feminine wisdom.

Emotions are feeling in motion. Often, our emotions are judged by our false beliefs about them.

"Anger is a negative emotion", so we suppress it. This energy gets stuck in the body, and without movement or expression can affect our health, relationships and self-esteem. 

Yet, anger informs us that a boundary has been contravened. Perhaps a boundary which we are not consciously aware of. Honouring the anger which arises in us, gift us the opportunity to become clear on the boundary and its consequences in our lives. 


Each emotions informs us of a deeper insight, offers connection and assist us to live, love and lead with authenticity. 

As we expand our emotional vocabulary, we expand our capacity for compassion, for self, and others. 

Explore your personal emotional language

Developing emotional agility which is a key aspect of resilience. 


Receive the wisdom of emotions

Honouring our emotions is a sacred feminine practice. 


Heartfullness Practice Meditation

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