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The Divine Masculine is the sacred container for the Divine Feminine. If we are holding a wounded aspect of our animus (inner masculine) the feminine aspects will be out of balance.

This wounding will affect our inner and outer worlds in the form of co-dependent relationships, disconnection to intuitive living, people pleasing behaviour, internal conflict and could lead to burn-out. 


Through our own internal masculine wounding, and the consequence of rejecting and abandoning him, we step into a deeply damaging relation to power. We stay stuck, often unknowingly in an unhealthy version of the inner masculine. Our animus is patterned on the men in our lives, specifically our father figures, and on their mother’s own animus. In its wounded state our animus is represented by the Shadow King archetype will hold us back with patriarchal judgements through domination, competition, fear-aggression, confrontation and criticism. This internal critic may tell is that our self-limitation is due to being too fat, too old, not educated enough, too pretty, single / unmarried, too opinionated, or damaged goods. Until this aspect comes into balance, the feminine can not move into interdependence and true sacred feminine consciousness.


The masculine is the container for the feminine. This container is woven into its purpose with the Divine masculine qualities of clarity, focus, intention, strong boundaries, courage, stamina, discipline and persistence. 


This Hero’s Journey plays a pivotal part in the wholeness of being for every woman.

This wound affects both our inner and outer world:

Co-dependent relationships - with partners, children, food, money, work and our bodies.

Leadership styles - subconsciously we have abandoned feminine leadership for the hyper-masculine, cerebral focussed and rewarded masculine driven style. 

Emotional well-being - resolving all masculine trauma and inherited unhealthy patterning. 

Disconnection - from the inherent Nature of all things, cycles, nurturing, fluidity, intuition.


It could be experienced in behaviours such as: passive aggressiveness,

competitiveness, disconnection from nature, goal focused, afraid of her power so she dominates, and secretly feeling incompetent, insecure, not good enough for the men she competes with.


In the awakening emergence of the Sacred feminine and healing our patriarchal wounding we have placed all the focus on the Divine Feminine, in our rising we have misunderstood the true value of the Divine Masculine.

The embodiment of the true Sacred Feminine energy unfurls, blossoms, spirals only in symbiotic harmony with the Divine Masculine. 


This 50 minutes audio immersion, included an introductory talk on the relationship and influence of the masculine within, followed by a guided meditation, designed to activate microshifs through the heart-work to move into a more balanced and healed state.


Healing the Wounded Masculine Within

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