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Solo Sojourn

Solo Sojourn

Sladka Gora, Slovenia

There comes a time in each women’s life, when a potent energy, brimming with essential instincts, creative passions, and timeless knowing rises to the surface. This is the inner feminine calling, inviting you into an initiation of reclamation.

Reclaiming your voice, your medicine, your emotional body, your mystical knowledge of the interconnection of life. 

Returning home to sovereignty.

Rest. Restore. Reset. Renew. 

The invitation of a private Re-treat

The Importance of Rest and Recuperation for Women. 

As a mental & emotional wellness practitioner and a woman, I witness the daily struggles of exhaustion and depletion that afflict us. Our roles as caregivers to our aging parents, devoted mothers, hardworking professionals, and active members of our communities drain us of our vitality, leaving us susceptible to the looming shadow of burnout.


Our innate nurturing nature drives us to give all that we have, but we have forgotten to care for ourselves in the process.


However, we cannot pour from an empty cup. To be able to give abundantly, we must first fill our own vessel to the brim.


A retreat offers a sanctuary for the restoration of our body, mind, heart, and soul, providing us with the necessary time and space to recharge, be heard, seen, and cared for, and to find stillness amidst the chaos of everyday life.


Prioritizing self-care by carving out time to retreat to a peaceful environment away from the demands of the daily hustle and bustle may just be the most precious gift we can give to ourselves and our loved ones. Let us embrace the enchanting magic of restoration and return to our roles as caregivers with renewed vigor and vitality

Personal Curated Re-treat

We embark on your solo sojourn with a Discovery call to assess your unique requirements, and identify what support will serve your soul's yearning best. 


I will then curate a personalized retreat program, which is as unique as you are. 

Our Solo Sojourn program weaves a tapestry of wellness, blending intention setting, therapeutic wellness coaching, heart work, guided meditation, and an energy healing session into a life-affirming experience.

We also provide daily nutritional meals, carefully crafted to nourish and replenish your body and soul.

Our program also includes time for journaling, reflection, and solitude to encourage self-care and space for reflection during your transformative journey.


What Retreaters Say : Lacey J. - London

“Eleftheria and Barry (together with their curios pet dog Scamp and fluffy cat Syrah) were incredible hosts. You instantly feel very welcome and ‘at home’. Being in a safe and compassionate environment where you can completely relax with trusted confidants is an important component of a retreat, to authentically open yourself up fully to the empowering journey that awaits.

I didn’t have a big agenda when I arrived – I knew I wanted to have a change of scene in nature and the opportunity to simply relax, be present, and reflect, as I had been through a busy and stressful time – I got much more than that. Discovering the hidden beauty of Slovenia is something I hadn’t quite anticipated. In this beautiful quaint village, I found time to heal, restore and gain clarity on my future vision. ....”

A hidden gem in magical Slovenia

Dobrodošli na Sladki Gori

Set in the heart of the Kozjansko Biosphere is a little village called Sladka Gora (Sweet Mountain).

For centuries, people have traveled from all over Europe to visit Slovenia’s healing waters. The country abounds with natural healing springs and spa’s.

We feel deeply privileged to be able to live in one of these hidden gems, which still welcomes pilgrims today. Amidst the wine-growing hills, stands the pearl, the pilgrim's church dedicated to St. Mary - maker of miracles. Constructed in 1754 with beautiful Baroque fresco's, sculptures and design, it is a sight to behold. 

Legends of the village speak of healing springs, and miraculous healing which has taken place here.

It it truly peaceful, and there is certainly something visceral in the air which welcomes you into exploring the transformative possibilities of Slovenia. Find healing in this land of natural beauty and ancient energy. 

With the Sojourn retreat program, you have the freedom to choose your own adventure. Our most popular package is the 2 night 3 day stay over a weekend.

Direct flights from London to Ljubljana International airport just over 2 hours away, making it the perfect getaway location. Get ready to be transported to a magical village through scenic forests in just over an hour and a half.

This program can also accommodate two participants, perhaps you would love to share this experience with a friend or mother and daughter healing journey.

Take a peek at what your Sojourn adventure could look like: 


Welcome to Sladka Gora! Deep breathe in and exhale as you take in the peaceful surroundings. After your travel and transfer journey, settle into your cozy room and have a good night's rest.


As the sun-rays kiss the landscape, awaken your senses with a green goddess juice and a serene movement meditation. Followed by a sumptuous breakfast, you will delve into the secrets of the wise woman archetype, discovering how she weaves her magic in your life.

Deepening into the heart-work, you'll journey through the corridors of time, to heal the inner child that rests within.

A delicious lunch awaits you, with time to savor its flavors before embarking on a forest walk. The afternoon's magic will unfurl with a session of Sophia Healing, where your nervous system will be bathed in soothing energy. A leisurely break gives you time to integrate and journal your thoughts, or even indulge in a well-deserved nap. As the day draws to a close, sway your body to the rhythm of conscious dance, exploring the emotions that lay within. A guided meditation will lead you to a state of tranquility, before relishing a wholesome dinner.

The night is yours to bask in the wonders of the universe.


As the dawn breaks, greet the day with a green goddess juice and an invigorating awakening of the body.

A hearty breakfast awaits, before delving into a guided embodiment practice. As the morning progresses, you'll partake in a healing ritual, where you'll discover the ancient secrets of rejuvenation.

A scrumptious lunch will follow, with a chance to savor the flavors of the food.

The afternoon will be spent exploring the intuitive tools for practical everyday living, loving, and leading.

As the day draws to a close, you'll depart for transfer drop-off to the airport in Ljubljana, carrying with you the enchanting memories of your sojourn and tools to integrate into daily living. 

The Sojourn Experience

Who is this Sojourn For?

The invitation of the Wild Woman

Are you in burn-out, in the midst of transition or needing a reset? 

Big decisions to make about career, relationships, life or needing to finally heal?

Do you need to de-stress in a peaceful environment to clarify your next steps life? 

Seeking rejuvenation and to recalibrate their overall wellness?

Are you at a cross-roads, knowing something is missing, a depth of connection with the current of life - but you don’t know where to start? 

Is there a part of you which is experiencing a primal yearning for wild freedom? 

This Sojourn Adventure is totally for you if:

  • You know you are a woman of love, who have been called into a deeper connection with self, life and relationships

  • You care deeply about the earth and want to make a difference

  • You are ready to do the inner work to transform your feminine & emotional body wounds

  • You are interested in archetypes and goddess mythology as a tool for personal & spiritual development

  • You're an introvert and prefer doing the vulnerable work in private

  • You have a secret yearning for Wild Freedom

  • You feel both excited and nervous about embarking on this sojourn.

Image by Sage Friedman

What is possible for you after this Sojourn

By the end of the retreat, you will emerge anew - feeling more present, with a renewed sense of calm and clarity about your future visions.

The mindful practices and supportive environment will enable you to focus on what is truly important and create the space for transformative heart-led work.

The retreat will leave you

  • feeling more present and clear-headed;

  • with a renewed sense of calm and focus on your future goals;

  • have tools for intentional self-care;

  • embody expansive perspectives;

  • recharged spiritual batteries with a revived sense of vitality;

  • reconnected to your core values and true self;

  • feeling restored and open to new possibilities, so that you can wake up to a life you Love to be in. 


Our wellness Solo Sojourn retreat is a testament to the impact of intentional self-care on overall well-being. We believe that solo retreats are a valuable tool for individuals seeking rejuvenation and recalibration. Start your journey to a more fulfilling life today.

Yes! I'm Ready.

You can start your journey by clicking on the application form below. I will be in touch to schedule a Discovery call to discuss details, and before you know it - the adventure begins!

Application for Solo Sojourn

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